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Thank you for coming to my corner of the Universe X 


I am a holistic mindset and wellbeing coach, yoga and meditation teacher and tapping practitioner. I support you to connect to your inner wisdom and empower you to be more you!


Mastering our thoughts and making friends with our inner voice can connect us deeper to our purpose and heartfelt desires. I am passionate about helping people feel more grounded, slow down, and feel able to deal with challenges of life more easily.


Empowering and elevating you to lead the life you want to with full vitality and happiness.

Life is a journey, and only you hold the map to your destination.


In the tranquil embrace of water, where each step marks a new beginning, my children and I found solace and transformation moving to Cornwall and find our new lives.

Feel the endless rhythm of the sea, and you shall find the rhythm of your soul.  - Paramahansa Yogananda

Allow me to be your compass through the currents of change, guiding you towards new horizons  and unseen possibilities.


"The divine in me bows to the divine in you."

The universe is not outside of you.

Look inside yourself;

Everything that you want, You already are. - Rumi


Through my Holistic Mindset and Confidence Coaching, EFT tapping, Yoga and 20 years experience as a Nurse, I support you to tap into that mind-body connection whilst looking at what blocks might be holding you back in your life and preventing you from stepping into your own embodied self. I will look at your whole wellbeing and guide you to listen to your heart, supporting you to take action from a place of fully embodied compassion.

Much Love 

Cait x 

"How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you" - Rupi Kaur
Fun Frequently Asked Questions
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    I am a Capricorn sun, Libra moon and Libra rising! I can be driven and serious and I am always seeking balance and harmony!

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    I am a 5/2 Sacral Generator. Knowing this has helped me become more self aware about how I receive the world around me and to connect with my whole body YES when making decisions!

  • Change the text and add your own content, including any information that is relevant to share.

    I absolutely love being in nature and spending time with my 3 children. I am learning to Surf and I just love it! I absolutely love music and dancing x

Image by Vanessa Ochotorena


Cait’s yoga class is calm, relaxing and inclusive. The Sunday yoga brunch is a peaceful start to a restful day, the ayurvedic snacks are delicious and are a healthy treat.

Cait is patient and understanding, offering different levels of skill in a mixed group and ensuring that no one feels judged for modifying!

It is a lovely class.

Client Love


I have been a registered nurse for nearly 20 years and have been practising yoga for as long. On my journey I have always nursed and cared for others, supporting them to ‘Wholeness’ in their own journey. 

Working in the NHS I myself suffered burnout at work , struggling to provide and find balance, connection in a rigid healthcare system that didn’t often look at the root cause of issues. 

During this time, I started looking at alternative holistic ways to connect mind body spirit and my own healing journey began. 

In 2017 I made a bold move out of London with my three children. I never looked back. 

During the covid pandemic I learnt and experienced many things. I started using EFT tapping techniques to help regulate my nervous system and discovered the transformational power it holds. It was at this time I decided to finally complete my 200 hours Yoga teacher training with Zazyoga – something I had thought about many times but had never committed to.  I was also becoming very interested in a different way to support people to heal themselves and decided to train in holistic health and Ayurveda. This was life changing for me as I embodied this lifestyle and went on to complete levels 1,2, and 3 with my amazing teacher Emma Newlyn. 

I have since moved with my children to my dream home in Cornwall and teach yoga on the beach. If I can take steps towards my dreams then you can too. 

Practicing yoga allowed me to connect with my body and calm my racing mind, Ayurveda gave me the tools to connect everything together and become more in tune with the elements, senses and energies in around me. Tapping supported me connect even deeper with universal energy and helped me to look deeper at my own beliefs and mindset limits that were holding me back. It has also deepened my own healing and compassion for myself. 

I have since gone on to explore further and gain qualifications in restorative yoga and yoga nidra, meditation, breathwork, Confidence and Mindset Coaching and EFT tapping (practitioner). I have also been lucky enough to be trained by Poppy Delbridge and become a Rapid Tapping Pro where I have taken this transformational technique to live events and festivals. I also hold space for women at yoga and ayurveda embodied retreats.    

Ancient wisdom applied to modern day wellbeing is something that I embody and feel passionately to share with the world, having experienced the benefits myself and through my clients’ journeys. 

Ayurveda connects mind body and spirit in harmony with nature and the energies around us, I use yoga and ayurveda to nurture you back into balance and connecting you back to flow. I give you the tools to heal yourself and remind you to nurture yourself and just be. We are all unique and I want for you balance and ease in your life.


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