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1 :1 Holistic Mindset & Confidence Coaching

3, 6, 12 month container

Bespoke to your individual needs using the modalities of EFT, somatic breathwork, visualisation.

Clear blocks and repattern your subconscious mind and your nervous system, connecting to the innate wisdom of the body and your authentic self. 

Gain clarity, feel empowered and confident to move forward with full support.

Embodied Wellbeing

3 month ‘whole you’


Journey to nourishment and balance


Using the ancient healing wisdom of Ayurveda and applied to modern wellness.


We will look at all aspects of your health and lifestyle to restore balance and vitality.


Connecting mind body spirit and bespoke to your own mind body type.

Yoga, Ayurveda & Tapping in Cornwall

Welcoming you gently into this space by Cait

My mission in life is to support you to find softness, heal and be nurtured. Allowing you to believe anything is possible x


It’s time to come home to you 🤍

I use the healing modalities of EFT tapping, Ayurveda, Yoga (including breathwork and meditation), mindset and confidence coaching to empower you to rediscover everything you already are and allow you to step into your power.


So I'll be using this space to send you occasional love notes with thoughts, practices and inspiration to support you on that very journey.

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Yoga nidra or 'Yogic Sleep' creates a deep level of relaxation in the body and mind. It takes us on a journey of awareness deeply inwards and creates a state in us that is between waking and sleeping.


Make sure to find a quiet space for yourself and ensure you won’t be disturbed - you deserve this time.


Connecting your mind, body and spirit

Cait in yoga pose


Transform your life with personalised coaching sessions tailored to your goals and needs.


Experience relief from stress, anxiety, and emotional blocks through the transformative power of tapping.


Discover holistic health and balance through ancient Ayurvedic practices to harmonise mind, body, and spirit.


Embrace inner peace and vitality with mindful yoga classes tailored to all levels. find strength, grounding and connection to mind, body, spirit.


Expand your knowledge and skills designed to inspire growth and development in both inner and outer spheres.


Rejuvenation, self-discovery, and connection in serene settings, guiding you towards profound relaxation and inner balance.

If you are still unsure what you need, just get in touch and we will book a call to find out more about you.

Ways to work


Corporate Wellness Events

Are you interested to host a wellness event at your work space? 

Get in touch to discover how we can work together.

Serenity Healing Cirlce

Monthly event for only £22/month

Discover the Joy of tapping together!


Connect with a supportive community, sharing insights and understanding.

Sign up to the mailing list to find out more about this monthly offer.

Image by Samuel Pollard

Client Love


Before I started coaching with Cait, chaos was the norm. Week by week, her guidance and support started a calming transformation. Allowing myself the time each week became something I looked forward to and cherished. Setting intentions, the check-ins and accountability breathed life back into me.

Through Cait's support, I embraced subtle changes that have had a profound impact. I’m so grateful to have had Cait’s guidance on my journey.

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You will receive a Yoga Nidra recording to help you rest and restore as my thank you for being here. Cait x
yoga background.jpg
In Person Yoga Sessions with Cait

Book your spot now. Spaces are limited.

Yoga Slow flow to Yin

Tuesday Evenings 

Location: MoreCore Gym 

Time: 19.40- 20.40

Slow mindful and embodied flow – We will move through a slower paced vinyasa then move into Yin, connecting to ourselves and embodying our movements, ending with a guided meditation.

Retreat Coming Soon

Winter 2024

More information coming soon.


Client Love


Highly recommend Cait’s yoga classes, she is a very good Yoga teacher.  Her classes are very relaxing and unhurried and she has a very gentle and calming voice.

If you can’t manage a certain pose, she will always have an alternative to suit your flexibility.

After her class you feel ready to face the day.

Shut your eyes so your heart may become your eye, and with that vision look upon another world




Upcoming Events


Client Love

Sophia and Cait

💖 What a magical weekend 💖 

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for making this retreat so special. We hope you felt the genuine love we poured into this offering. 

It was our first retreat and we have learnt so much already! (ie: cool the hot tub, no improvised chanting and to add a couple of items to the risk assessment!)

However the most important lessons will be listening to you, our guests. We graciously ask if you would share your feedback with us by filling in the feedback questions below.

Feel free to add anything to the comments box at the end if we haven't thought to ask the right questions.

Much love

Start your journey to balance


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